How Incorporating Natural Design Elements Can Help You Sleep

How Incorporating Natural Design Elements Can Help You Sleep

Amy Highland, a sleep expert at writes…

Keeping your sleep environment close to nature can support healthy sleep. Your body's internal clock, also known as your circadian rhythm, relies on cues typically found in nature (including light, sound, and activity level) to help guide you through your day and make you feel sleepy at the appropriate time.

Top 100 Giants

$3.5 billion – Total fees received by design companies during last year. That’s a 6 percent rise from the year before. It comes as no surprise as businesses are expected to top $3.7 billion by the end of the year. Billings are not the only thing to consider when talking about Giants of Design, square footage also comes into play. With 884 million, we’re coming ever closer to the elusive 1 billion mark. It is less then the expected 902 million, but it is worth noting that the consecutive three forecasts with 900 million or higher have been a bit too optimistic but one square footage at a time.

One thing has more then doubled during the last five years – the number of projects. They hit a new high with more then 55,000.

Giants of Design gathering was taking place at Palm Springs, from Mar 7, 2016 — Mar 9, 2016.