One might think that Interior design is just a matter of throwing a couple pieces of furniture together but it is so much more then that. Design to Sell will help you transform your house into your “dream home”. Interior Design is an essential part of our daily lives – a cosy living room, a functional kitchen, a beautiful bedroom – that’s interior design at work. As such, we take exceptional care to make your home look exactly how you pictured it.

We make Interior Design look easy

We make it look easy because we anticipate your needs and appeal to your emotions. We will start with an in-home consultation to share ideas and determine a project budget, timeline, etc. After that, we will review design fees and design plans with you, and manage the construction and restoration process for your home. We will work with trades contractors, architects, engineers, and other professionals-WayfairImage Flooring, Build Direct, H.D. Buttercup to name a few. We will help your transform your space from a vision to reality.

If you would like to learn more about our work process, visit our Process Page.


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