You probably want to sell your home for as much money as possible and the home staging – the act of making a home look visually more appealing to buyers – is the way to go. When they see a house that’s beautifully staged, it’s warm and inviting, and they perceive a much stronger value to that property. That often translates into a higher selling price. On average, home staging results in a 500% return on investment.

Home staging is the Key to Selling

Whether your home is occupied or vacant, whether it is a 200 sq.ft studio apartment or a 20,000 sq.ft mansion, home staging can help your home get sold more quickly and for more money. Let us bring in art, furniture, décor, rugs, and more to make your home picture-perfect for prospective buyers.

Occupied homes

One of the biggest tasks in staging an occupied home is reducing the clutter and depersonalizing the place. You’ll want to paint rooms in neutral colors and remove artwork that may evoke strong emotions, such as religious imagery or pictures of animals. Furniture may also be moved around in an occupied home. Sometimes it’s just a matter of taking what you have in one room and moving it to another room. If you have a larger budget, you might want to tackle such tasks as changing the carpet or upgrading the countertops to make the home look more inviting.

Vacant homes

A vacant home feels cold and impersonal. It is often a challenge to visualize how furnishings will look. Additionally, most vacant rooms seem smaller than they really are! Home staging creates the vital finishing touches the home needs to help ensure you sell quickly and for the highest price. When buyers come in and look at a vacant home, they will see only the problems – cracks in the walls, dirty carpets, etc. Few pieces of rented furniture can give potential buyers more to focus on than the house’s flaws. A few plants and freshly painted walls can also help buyers envision themselves living in the property, which can lead to a sale.


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